Our Process

Commonage Registration Guidelines & Required Documentation:

Application form:

HICC Registration Form

Required documents:

A copy of valid Passport; Birth Certificate; National Insurance Card


Any male or female above the age of eighteen who is a biological descendent of Harbour Island may register as a commoner.

Process A-E:

  • Once registered as a commoner, notice of registration will be issued.
  • In the event of a rejected application, applicants have the right to appeal to a stipendiary and circuit magistrate.   The application process may be repeated after an interval of one year.
  • The successful applicant shall be eligible for property consideration in the commonage according to guidelines stipulated in The Commonage Grant of July 1st, 1842.

Financial Responsibility:        $125.25

  • Non-refundable process fee: $5.25
  • Due on approval of Application: $120.00

Annual Membership Fee:

  • 18 to 59 years old: $100.00
  • 60 years old and above: $50.00


All commoners are required to familiarize themselves with commonage Grant, Act and bylaws and shall be subject thereto.